Our Philosophy


Children First

We are committed to providing high-quality child care. And we believe that care and learning are inseparable.

We provide an environment that promotes lifelong learning, behaviour and health – this starts with recognizing and supporting each child’s emerging skills and unique learning path.

And because we believe that children learn best when they can play, we carefully plan opportunities to help them practice and master development skills each day.


Caring staff, inclusive environment

We work hard to develop positive connections with each child at the Centre because we know that research shows that healthy development in young children relies on the relationships made with important people in their lives.

We are home to a dedicated team of professionals who use the latest knowledge in early childhood education to create lasting connections with children and fuel their learning.

We are committed to providing a fully inclusive environment that supports the wellbeing of all children. And we deeply value diversity because we believe that our cultural and linguistic differences enrich the learning experience for children and families.


A community-based approach

We recognize that partnerships with families and communities are necessary for meeting the needs of children and helping them to grow.

We encourage parents to partner with us, through open communication, trust and respect, to support their child’s learning and development.


Our Programs

Our goal for your child is to ignite a love of learning by providing a stimulating play-based environment that supports ongoing development.

Our skilled staff members use the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) framework as a guide for planning programs and environments to encourage growth and development in each child at our Centre.

The ELECT document describes how young children learn and develop, and provides a guideline for planning curriculum in Ontario early childhood settings.

Through both individual and group activities, we ensure that your child continues to thrive and grow.



We offer a bi-weekly yoga class for senior infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Our yoga instructor facilitates opportunities for your child to experience the benefits of exercise, body and self-awareness.

Yoga enhances a child’s ability to handle stress and anxiety, which co



James Funnyhat visits the Centre every second week to lead a fun and entertaining music program for all age groups.

James delights the children with his interactive songs and stories.

His collection of crazy hats, engaging instruments and creative props help the children develop a love of music while building their movement, communication, language and cognitive skills.


Meet the OPP

Every week, members of the OPP in our community partner with us to participate in fun activities with our preschoolers.

Through this partnership, the children build positive relationships with the officers, our environment and people in the community. The children also begin to understand their roles in their communities as they grow and develop.


Outdoor space and activities

Our children have access to two, newly re-designed, private outdoor playgrounds, both nicely shaded and conveniently located on site.

We go outside – twice - each day, for a minimum of 2 hours, weather permitting.

Our outdoor program focuses on large motor development and promotes daily physical activity as a means of healthy living.

Our playground features:

  • A small and a big jungle gym, each with a slide
  • Sandboxes and sand-toys
  • Age-appropriate toys and outdoor equipment
  • Small bikes and cars
  • Low-rise benches and seating space

Field trips and events

We also offer a full range of beyond-the-classroom adventures, including field trips to nearby destinations such as:

  • The Riverdale Farm
  • Centre Island
  • Local public libraries and community establishments

Licensing and inspections


Provincial standards

Licensed child care programs must meet and maintain specific provincial standards set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act.

These standards provide for the health, safety and developmental needs of young children.

At least once a year, inspectors from the Ministry of Education make an unannounced visit of all licensed child care programs to ensure that standards are met.

View our licensing inspection reports


Toronto Children's Services Quality Assurance Inspections

In Toronto, all child care centres that have a contract with the City of Toronto are assessed for quality standards and program assurance.

Quality Assurance Analysts (QAA) make unannounced visits annually to ensure that standards are being met.

At one of these visits, a formal assessment is conducted using a rating system known as Toronto Operating CriteriaAssessment for Quality Improvement.

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